RFID Shielding solutions

for vending machines

Transparent adhesive film

High brightness transparent film, reduction of 47dB

Adhesive insulating seal

Foam EMC adhesive shield seal with conductive fabric, 94 dB reduction

Selected products for Vending machines

ISO 325 Transparent adhesive film

The multi-alloy ISO 325 film reduces by 47dB the penetration of electromagnetic waves passing through a glazing at a frequency of 13.56 MHz.

  • That is to say an attenuation in V / m of 90%.
  • With a light champagne exterior, it retains high luminosity and transparency.
  • High-frequency attenuation 47dB.

ISO Jl 213 Adhesive insulating seal

  • A perfectly homogeneous link between the foam (base material) and the fabric which provides excellent wave insulation.
  • The ISO Jl 231 is formed from a cellular elastomer core surrounded with ISO 770 Anti-wave fabric.
  • The ISO Jl 231 is easy to install and insulates zones which are likely to let RFID waves through.

Tailor-made solutions

Creation and development of special adapted products on a case-by-case basis

The applications of RFID technology are exponential and constantly evolving. This is why Isocover accompanies you in the development of your special products, adapted to each specific case of insulation.