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A pioneer in RFID waves management

Established in 2016, Isocover was the world’s first company entirely dedicated to RFID wave management. We manufacture and market various RFID wave shielding solutions, from wall coatings to paint, fabric, transparent film, and counting bells for individual cardboard readings.

As a former entrepreneur in the textile industry, with over 20 years of experience leading a manufacturing facility and over 100 retail outlets, I am intimately familiar with the unique opportunities that RFID can bring to this sector. This extensive experience informs our approach and empowers us to develop solutions that genuinely address the needs of our clients.

We provide RFID shielding solutions at highly competitive rates, along with customized options to meet the unique needs of our clients. We primarily collaborate with major retail chains. Our expertise also extends to the field of intelligent vending machines and warehouse logistics. In retail, we intervene mainly where reserves adjoin sales areas, in smart cabin isolation, reading return cartons at depots or inter-store flow, and other aspects of RFID wave management.

Bruno Oiknin, CEO

Our commitments to quality, sustainability, and ethics

For the past two years, we have been actively committed to sustainable and ethical development. We require our suppliers to adhere to sustainable development standards and labels.

As such, we have chosen to entrust our logistics to a medical-social institution, offering a supportive and inclusive work environment for people with disabilities.

Our products are RFID anti-wave certified by Emitech laboratory, certified M1 by an independent organization, the National Metrology and Testing Laboratory, and comply with European fire classification standards.

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