RFID Absorbent

fabric & padding

Used to solve the problems of signal reception, anti-electromagnetic interference and heat conduction in the fields of RFID by wave absorption.

ISO 52 Series RFID wave absorption material

ISO 52 Series RFID wave absorber is made of magnetic metal powder as absorbent, plastic polymer rubber or resin as matrix material, through specific process and even with strong magnetic flux density, ISO 52 Series guarantees absorption of RFID waves.

Mainly used in RFID technology, It can widely be used in other anti-electromagnetic interference fields such as WPC, cellphone, camera and other electronic equipment, with the advantages of high magnetic conductivity, good absorption effect, light weight, good flexibility, environmental protection halogen-free.

Also available as an option with double-sided adhesive.

  • ISO 52 Series has excellent absorption capacity and effectively limits electromagnetic interference;
  • ISO 52 Series can be fixed with glue and is easy to use;
  • ISOCOVER can adapt ISO 52 Series to your specific requests: customizable width and size, specific frequency chosen, etc.

Tailor-made solutions

Creation and development of special adapted products on a case-by-case basis

The applications of RFID technology are exponential and constantly evolving. This is why Isocover accompanies you in the development of your special products, adapted to each specific case of insulation.