Why should you trust us ?

Our certifications

Products certified anti-wave by Emitech, a testing laboratory specializing in environmental tests applicable to equipment: qualification, CE marking, approval.

Excellent Credit Safe Score (96/100).

European Leader

European RFID wave insulation reference.
More than 1000 stores have trusted our solutions.
Solutions are studied case by case.


Isocover responds to RFID players with shielding solutions adapted to their needs (retailers, print shoppers and hardware suppliers), if you are interested in a partnership click below

Our ceritifications

Credit Safe score Ranking 96/100
Customized solution development for your special projects

Number 1 In Europe

Europe’s number 1 reference in RFID/isolation wave shield solutions
+ More than 1000 points of sale have trusted us
Solutions are studied case by case


Partnership for the sake of confidentiality, this information will be indicated to you by email or telephone

About Us ?

Isocover is the first company entirely dedicated to RFID isolation solutions.

We’re RFID Shielding European leader with more than 1000 stores equipped with our solutions.

January 2016 – Beginning of the RFID isolation R&D program and creation of an RFID anti-wave shield based on paper, affordable and easy to install.

2018 – The range expands with the creation of anti-wave adhesive kits in addition to the Isocover shield to facilitate installation for door frames, baseboards, doors, wall corner finishes and small surfaces.
These adhesive kits are easy to use for fittings.
Deployment of RFID isolation solutions to several large fashion groups, Levis, Dockers, Undiz, Etam, Nyx …

2019 – Creation and development of the Cover Box for a confined reading of precision for the boxes of goods in shipment and reception.
Partnership with the largest manufacturer of European glue.
Creation and development of an adhesive with high trapping power specially dedicated to Isocover paper shield in partnership with the largest European adhesive manufacturer

2020 – Creation and development of a single-layer anti-wave paint without grounding in partnership with the leading French manufacturer of high-tech paint.
Partnership with the leading European manufacturer of adhesive film for the development of a transparent anti-wave adhesive film and creation of the anti-wave seal for connected refrigerators.

2021 – Creation and development and deposit for the Cover Pallet
Creation of fireproof anti-wave honeycomb panels for warehouses and logistics platforms

Our way of working


Study on plan or on site


Installation by our specialist service provider in Europe (optional)


End-of-work audit by an independent organisation (optional)