RFID Shielding solutions for Stores

>Sales Floor/Backstock isolation
>Perfect Sales floor replenishment
(Also relevant in DC for picking area RFID shielding)


To be able to read and count what is in a cardboard/palet/rack even if it is surrounded by other RFID products (counting, shipping, reception)


Easy to use with the optional structure on stainless steel castors
Lightweight and practical, installation facilitated by a zipper

Restocking alert and product allocation

Isolate the web picking area in order to be able to trigger restocking alerts
Making insulating curtains for connected cabins
Isolate areas in a warehouse
Insulation of storage doors, for a premium finish of cabins or to isolate hard-to-reach places
Delimitation of small flat and smooth surfaces
Isolate Merchandising

ISO 3 Shielding Paper

White paper anti-wave shield
Width 94 cm
Delivered according to your measurements
Fire standard: M1

also exists in adhesive version

ISO PAINT 26 Anti-wave paint

RFID shield black protective paint.
– Monolayer
– Without earth connection
– Drying in 4 hours – Recoatable: 12 hours
– Yield: 5m2 / L 

ISO 770 & 771 Opaque or transparent fabric

This multi-functional product can be used for all sorts of application: open spaces, fitting room curtains, removable shields, and so on.

ISO 325 Transparent adhesive film

The multi-alloy ISO 35 film reduces by 25dB the penetration of electromagnetic waves passing through a glazing at a frequency of 1 Ghz.

That is to say an attenuation in V / m of 90%.

With a light champagne exterior, it retains high luminosity and transparency.

High-frequency attenuation 25dB.

ISO 5 and ISO 10 Adhesive tapes

ISO 5 adhesive tape – M1:
• 5 cm x 10 meters adhesive tape.
• For joints, skirting boards, doors and small surfaces.

ISO 10 adhesive tape – M1:
• 10 cm x 10 meters adhesive tape.
• For joints, door frames, small surfaces and wall corner finishing

ISO 13 Cover Box

Box reception or despatch bell enabling confined reading.
Handle with elastic to prevent RFID signal leaks
Light and practical : Weight 450 gr